Shen Wheel - African Yoga not for the faint hearted

Shen Wheel - African Yoga not for the faint hearted


Original girl group?


Original girl group?

“Its not what you affirm, its who you affirm. Do you affrim your a human or a divine being?”
Law Of Sebek
Work in progress, i may not show the finshed version until I’ve exhibited all 4 seasons

Work in progress, i may not show the finshed version until I’ve exhibited all 4 seasons

Sebek (sphere 8)

Sebek corresponds to the lower part of our spirit, along with Het Heru and Auset it makes up the Sahu part.

Sebek represents the left part of our brain, which deals speech, logical thoughts, writing, we establish “likes” and “dislikes”, opinions etc.

Sebek is a the trickster, here in the west we put too much emphasis on Sebek. We mistake information for knowledge, logic for truth, separating things with out seeing the underlining connections in things. Sebek is earth bound information, so that’s things we see, read etc this is not knowledge. This is the approach westerns have taken to religion, which causes contradiction. Also Sebek is the part of us that can deceive us, will justify our wrong doings or support sins with false information. This is because the higher parts of the tree and underdeveloped.

Thoughts are a reflection of our energy state, when our energy is “bad” it manifests as thoughts in the mind, when we have no control over Sebek thoughts will run wild (uncontrollable over thinking), when we tame the Sebek within us, we see the thoughts for what they are and correct the energy.

Its when Sebek is tamed he becomes mans best friend. Are thoughts are positive, we seek correct information and know its only the first step.

Its the faculty that names and labels things, if we have a energy imbalance we’ll label it as various things, depending on the feeling, so we affirm negative statements like “I’m depressed”, “I’m angry” etc, we’ll mistake the cause for a earth bound event i.e “I’m anrgy, because she said I’m a idiot”, “I’m sad because he didn’t phone me” etc. These things are energy in balances and or identifying are true self with our emotions(energy).

Its through Sebek we affirm our true identity and not what we think we are, so if some calls you thing i.e “your ugly” or what ever, this won’t effect you, because you affirmed your true nature.

A very import thing to understand is we program ourselves DAILY, when ever we “zone” out, get excited or stressed, our minds become more fertile(Auset), what we affirm in these situations is important, thoughts like “I can’t take this”, “I can’t cope” only strengthen the false human image of ourselves. Correcting our Sebek is very important.

Sebek is the planet Mercury, governs Wednesdays, communcation, technology, science maths, law, reading, writing etc, the energy is strongest in the siddereal full moon of Gemini and Virgo

Heru Sphere 6

Heru the warrior King, the saviour.

Heru referred to as Horus by the Greeks. Is a symbol of our Will. Heru is a firey energy. Its the part of our being that sets us free from the lower parts of our spirit (Beast and the Serpent). It means the ability to make decisions free from emotions and make decisions based in accordance with divine law(Maat).

Heru is the saviour because being able to make decisions with Free Will is what saves us from sin. When we are ruled by the lower part of our being we make decisions based on desire, emotions false information etc, when our will is not enlightened we have no choice but to be lead by and follow negative emotions when they arise(grief,depression,anger,lust etc). These emotions have negative effects on our bodies and mind, they also hinder the energy flow in the body, limiting spiritual power.

When the will is enlightened we are able to choose to be at peace in a negative situation or follow the animal.

When we face a challenge in life and maintain peace, spiritual power is gained.

When your plagued with negative thoughts and you over think, its when your will is enlightened you can step aside monitor the negative thoughts and stop them and return to your true state of Peace. This is the real meaning of staying positive, because its in these situations you attract more blessings (spiritual power and wisdom).

Heru corresponds to our ability to lead, its associated with Kings, Princes, Older Brothers, Fathers, Head of the household, boss, men in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Positive Heru energy has the following effects on our emotions: zealous, noble,decisive,humane, ardent, full vitality.

Heru is associated with the Sun and governs Sunday

For more information pick up a copy of Maat 11 Laws Of God by Ra Un Nefer Amen

African Religions were not Polytheistic!!!!!!

Africans religions were not polytheistic, we did worship our ancestors nor did we ever worship idols

Its this type of misinformation that has caused a great deal of damage. Its turned alot of Africans against a great legacy, which could benefit not only us as a race, but other races and cultures too.

There’s vast knowledge and precious jewels contained with in the religions of Africa. But sadly its all over looked. African religons arent even classified as religions.

I’m going to talk mostly about the Kamtic religon as it is the worlds oldest and has the worlds oldest relgious texts. it was about 2350 bce at the latest. So it pre dates the Quran by about 3 thousand years, the Bible by about 2300 years the Bhagavad Gita by about 2 thousand years and the Torah and Rig Veda by about 1700 years.

These texts are compiled from much earlier oral traditions. Kamit’s religion and science was refined for thousands of years before being written. Many priests left Kamit and formed other African Kingdoms. Unfortunately before these Kingdoms could refine the religions and start to document the teachings they were all cut down early by invaders.

African societies existed in relative peace, this is because religion wasn’t used as a oppression tool but instead to elevate WoMan to a higher state of consciousness.

"Human" traits like anger, jealousy, greed, fear etc signs of a uncivilised being, these traits can be controlled. This made them one with God. Being one with the God meant WoMan could use all the Godly attributes they are endowed with. This is how we mastered the Earth(medicine herbs, cycles of the planet, biology etc) and the Universe(knowing the complete solar system with no telescope, distant stars, effects of energy from certain planets) and predict future events etc.

This is common in all ancient African Kingdoms, Kamit has left us the most evidence.

Now my point. In Kamit there was only one God, with no images. No gender. God is beyond these things.

Our Ancestors had a deep understanding of energy and matter. Everything is made of energy and matter. All this energy comes from a State of nothingness. God is omnipresent, this is scientifically proven in all African religions, energy takes various forms. These forms are aspects of 1 thing. This one thing was called Amen(meaning concealed), it a state void of energy and dwells in everything.

So long before western religions Africans knew God was every where and could not be depicted.


With out getting into too much detail, I’ll explain the Neteru or the so called gods. These are various energies, depicted as beings, to explain the energy. Example the energy that is Venus was called Het Heru in Kamit. Its depicted as a woman because its a feminine energy, she is beautiful, likes to sing, likes art, romance, is passive etc we all have this energy with in us.

For some people this energy is stronger then others. Its 1 aspect of us just as its one aspect of God. This is the meaning of being made in the image.

They depicted images of neteru because our right brain takes in information better then the left, so stories where created to explain deep scientific facts and pysocologial facts.

Some had animal heads like Sebek(Anpu), has a canine head, to represent parts of our animal nature, Apep(the serpent) represents the lowest part of our brain(which western scientists have nick named the Reptilian brain.) The story of Heru over throwing Set and Apep are all metaphors. These stories explain how we can over throw our animal nature(the beast), So we control it and not the other way around and raise our conscious to the state of Amen and become one.

This is where sin comes from, the inability to control the beast within.

So these statues of Neteru were put in spefic places, so they could amplify the particular energy and awaken that aspect of them selves.

Everything was backed by science, which invaders didn’t understand and labelled it “witch craft”. If I have temper and it cause great trouble in my life, I will have to cultivate more of a cooler energy to counter the heat. So I’ll wear certain colours(colour therapy), I’ll meditate chant various sounds which will react to that part of my subconscious mind.


Another misconception is that Africans worshipped Ancestors. Again wrong. Yes communication is common. This is because energy is never destroyed, the physical body may “die”, but the spirit lives on. If you raised your frequency to a high level, when you died your energy would be the same, you’d be classified as a honoured ancestor. So living people with a high frequency(priests etc) would communicate with the honored. If your energy is not good(poor diet, have fear,grief,stress etc) you can’t resonate with such Ancestors instead you’d attract ones who are tormented by they’re fears,anger, lust etc.

I wish I could explain in great detail but that would be a book and Im not qualified for that. I will do brief break downs of the 11 Neteru which make the Tree Of Life a diagram of Neter (man and god). So hopefully you get a better understanding

Sadly invaders adapted it to form they’re own religions, with lack of science, these stories and Neteru were all seen as literal beings.




Names in other cultures: Yemaya(Youruba) Dhumavati (Indus Kush), Yesod( Kabbalah)

Auset (incorrectly called Isis by Greeks), is a energy principle, symbolised as Young mother because of the qualities of the energy. Auset is not a Goddess and was not worshipped as by Kamau.

Auset is one aspect of the God and one aspect of our spirit.

Auset is the part of spirit that governs dreams,memories, instinct, different states of trance, our emotions etc.

Auset governs our personality traits in the form of Caring, motherliness, comfort, loving, patience, teaching etc

Auset is often seen with baby Heru, (mother and child a common theme in African art). As Heru is the young King he symbolises our divine Will. Auset gives birth to Heru,  she teaches and nurtures him, raises him.

This is the Metaphor that the 1st stage to awakening The Self (the divine part of our being), we 1st must remember(a Auset trait), our true identity through meditation (another Auset trait). Cultivate our Will enough to over come our lower animal traits(the beast) and reclaim the crown.

When the energy is the most strongest is on Mondays, Siderealfull Moon of Cancer.